Increasing Mobil phone battery life | Charging guideline

Increasing Mobil phone battery life | Charging guideline – If you just acquired a new mobile phone, kindly use the information here to regulate your charging. Overcharging kills battery life. Charging with an unsupported device can damage your mobile phone.

This charging guide covers complete instructions that will help make any mobile phone stay long. Some buy a mobile phone and due to one thing or the other, they damage their phone follow come battery.

Buying a new phone is never a problem, the issue is to maintain the mobile phone.

So many companies builds and sells batteries that are not original. When replacing your android phone battery, ensure you ask questions properly.

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If you fails to ask any questions, you will likely end up buying battery that is not original.

Thing that can cause battery damage

There are many things that can help in killing your newly purchased mobile phone battery. Some buy phones and use the battery for years it get damaged, while other damage their phone battery within six months.

Overcharging: Too much plunging of phone is not good at all. Instead of overcharging a mobile phone battery, kindly charge half. Tecno, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia butteries needs good charging at the point of purchase.

Not charting enough: Most people start using their mobile phone immediately after purchase. If a battery is not fully charged after purchase, the battery cells will die fast.

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Ensure that you charge any Mobil phone battery carefully when you acquire a new phone.

Use unsupported charger: Using of a BlackBerry charger to charge Tecno phones batteries is very bad. Use a Tecno charger to charge a new Tecno battery. Don’t allow anyone to device and sell another phone charger to you okay.

Unstable power supply machine: The use of a small generator to charge a new phone battery is bad. NEPA light is good to used while charging a new phone battery. Charging with big generator is also good.

Any bad battery can be changed, just visit any mobile phone who and request for a new battery for your phone.

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When buying or replacing a phones battery, ensure you are getting the right one to avoid phone damage.

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